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 Turned tables on an a-hole

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Planeptune's NepNep

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PostSubject: Turned tables on an a-hole   Sun Dec 22, 2013 11:04 pm

XxNepNepxX: Gl H
XxNepNepxX: f
harold222: sorry if i'm not active all the time
XxNepNepxX: kk
harold222: who's cyber?
XxNepNepxX: No need for you 2 know
harold222: He will see u lose
harold222: better tell him to go away
XxNepNepxX: Cool good for him
XxNepNepxX has lost 700 life points
XxNepNepxX has lost 1300 life points
harold222 has lost 400 life points
XxNepNepxX has lost 1600 life points
harold222: told u so
XxNepNepxX has lost 2100 life points
XxNepNepxX: Lol im using rogue deck
harold222: ur using a deck everyone uses
XxNepNepxX: wanna duel me using my main?
XxNepNepxX: Lol nope
XxNepNepxX: Duel me using my main ewww
XxNepNepxX admitted defeat
Siding for next duel has begun (0-1-0)
harold222: I dont even use my main
harold222: this one sucks
XxNepNepxX: Same fun deck tbh
harold222: i just use this one
harold222: because its sooo fast
harold222: and I can raise very fast
XxNepNepxX: I use this cuz it's fun
XxNepNepxX: When i use my main
XxNepNepxX: It's still 126-6
XxNepNepxX: Loss to GK
XxNepNepxX: 6 times
harold222: what kind of deck?
harold222: Mine is DW
XxNepNepxX: Lol rlly..
XxNepNepxX: Ouch...
XxNepNepxX: Vs my main yea gg
harold222: sure
harold222: what deck to u use?
XxNepNepxX: Shinra Cherubime
harold222: never heard of
XxNepNepxX: Lol
XxNepNepxX: Lol funny how
XxNepNepxX: Six sams
XxNepNepxX: Got good art but are autopilot deck
XxNepNepxX: BVtw
XxNepNepxX: Btw*
XxNepNepxX: I respond lol
XxNepNepxX: Fiendish to kageki
XxNepNepxX: SO
harold222: so first
harold222: u let me do my whole
harold222: combo
harold222: and then u respond
XxNepNepxX: Correction u no give time
harold222: low
harold222: lets see if u can win like this
XxNepNepxX: Hmm
XxNepNepxX: Ouch...
XxNepNepxX: forgive me
XxNepNepxX: Nvm your a dick
XxNepNepxX: oops
harold222 has lost 2300 life points
harold222: remove
harold222: thank you
XxNepNepxX: frame eff noob lol
harold222: I will still kill it idiot
XxNepNepxX: kk
harold222: with one
harold222: monster
XxNepNepxX: k
XxNepNepxX: Go on
harold222 has lost 700 life points
XxNepNepxX: kk
XxNepNepxX: you can destroy another face-up "Six Samurai" monster you control instead.
XxNepNepxX has called an admin
XxNepNepxX: Nope
XxNepNepxX: Used bro
harold222: idiot
harold222: IF HE DIES
harold222: I CAN DESTROY
harold222: ANOTHER ONE LOL
XxNepNepxX: red it
harold222: ah no
harold222: fml
harold222: oh god
XxNepNepxX: You need nother six sm
harold222 admitted defeat
Siding for next duel has begun (1-1-0)
XxNepNepxX: Lol noob
harold222: says who?
XxNepNepxX: xD
harold222: U had to cheat at the beginning
harold222: or it was gg in two turns AGAIN
XxNepNepxX: Lol how xD
XxNepNepxX: xD
XxNepNepxX: funny how this beated six sams xD man they bad
harold222: true ur deck sucks :/
XxNepNepxX: ikr
XxNepNepxX: Yours loss xD
XxNepNepxX: eff
XxNepNepxX: Cost bro
XxNepNepxX has called an admin
harold222: go ahead
XxNepNepxX: grav
harold222: i'll wait for him
harold222: not rlly
harold222: if his effs were negated
XxNepNepxX: Can't negate cost
harold222: I could never sent him from the field
XxNepNepxX: Lol...
XxNepNepxX: Lemme get you yugioh wiki
harold222: No need
harold222: I'll wait for admin
XxNepNepxX: Tributing another Six Samurai monster is a cost.
XxNepNepxX: http://yugioh.wikia.com/wiki/Card_Rulings:Legendary_Six_Samurai_-_Mizuho
XxNepNepxX: A cost ( Kosuto) is a mandatory part of an effect, separated from the rest of the effect by a semicolon (or the word "to," in most cases before the advent of PSCT), which must be paid at the beginning
XxNepNepxX: http://yugioh.wikia.com/wiki/Special:Search?search=Cost&fulltext=Search&ns0=1&ns100=1&ns102=1&ns104=1&ns106=1&ns108=1&ns112=1&ns114=1&ns116=1&ns118=1&ns120=1&ns122=1&ns124=1&ns126=1&ns128=1
XxNepNepxX: lol.
XxNepNepxX: http://yugioh.wikia.com/wiki/Cost
XxNepNepxX: Lol read them
XxNepNepxX: xD
XxNepNepxX: i'll giv you screenshot of admin admitting it
XxNepNepxX: Lol.
harold222: I rather wait
XxNepNepxX: Did you read the links lol
harold222: While eating my nuts with pistache flavour and texting a beautiful girl who's funny at the same time
XxNepNepxX: I can't wait for admin 2 get here
XxNepNepxX: Oh i see another me out there cool
harold222: I've all the time in the world
XxNepNepxX: Same
XxNepNepxX: Seems more girls like me out there ok have all time in world xD
harold222: I want to buy her a present for the new year and I thought about a movie but now she told me her dvdplayer doesnt work
harold222: wtf should I buy then
XxNepNepxX: Lol movie...
harold222: im a boy I dont know anything about this stuff
XxNepNepxX: My ex bought me a 3ds and ocarina of time 3rd
XxNepNepxX: For my birthday
XxNepNepxX: If op paid cost of mizuho and i use forbidden chalice the reibuted six sam still dies right SilpheedS:it is tributed
XxNepNepxX: Lol everybody is saying it is can we go on xD
harold222: No
XxNepNepxX: Lol kk
harold222: And a 3Ds
harold222: I dont have that money
XxNepNepxX: Buy her a gift tht shops wrath for you
XxNepNepxX: On valentine though
Unorthodoxical-Princ: What is the problem?
XxNepNepxX: It's a plushie wich my ex bought me a pachirisu plushie and wraped with chocolate kandy the 3ds
XxNepNepxX: Well
XxNepNepxX: Muzuho paid cost
harold222: Like he said
XxNepNepxX: I used chalice after cost was paid
harold222: His ex bought him a plushie
harold222: and now his mad
harold222: hes*
XxNepNepxX: And he dosent wanna send kizan 2 grave
Unorthodoxical-Princ: I hope you aren't talking to me, otherwise get serious please.
XxNepNepxX: Oh he talkin 2 me
XxNepNepxX: I think >_>
XxNepNepxX: But yea cost was paid so kizan dies correct?
harold222: Sorry but i'm a very seriouse orthodox guy
harold222: Not a prince
harold222: more like an emperor
Unorthodoxical-Princ: T
Unorthodoxical-Princ: The cost was paid, you cannot go back*.
XxNepNepxX: T?
XxNepNepxX: See
harold222: So what you gonna do, banish his ex because he gave her a plushie?
XxNepNepxX: Kizan dies
harold222: Like I didnt know that already
XxNepNepxX: I gave you
harold222: Just wanted to waste ur time and laugh
XxNepNepxX: 900 links
Unorthodoxical-Princ: Stop please.
XxNepNepxX: But you wanna wait admin >_.
harold222: sec got a message again
Unorthodoxical-Princ: Harold222 warning for trolling, troll again and it's a ban. Do not think this warning is ephemeral either. Stop trying to aggravate people.
XxNepNepxX: eff
harold222: Im dutch I have no clue what ephemeral or aggravate means
XxNepNepxX: You fail at trolling
XxNepNepxX: God.
XxNepNepxX: Go on
XxNepNepxX: -1400
harold222 has lost 1400 life points
harold222: Tbh
harold222: I wasnt following
harold222: how did u summon those bitches?
XxNepNepxX: Coth
XxNepNepxX: foretress
XxNepNepxX: Geex recicle
XxNepNepxX: Flattop
XxNepNepxX: Eff Skyfi
XxNepNepxX: re
XxNepNepxX: im waiting to cyber watch me lose as you said i would
XxNepNepxX: So go on please
harold222: cuz u cheated
XxNepNepxX: Lol
XxNepNepxX: ^
XxNepNepxX: XD
XxNepNepxX: screenshot
XxNepNepxX: Only see this so very of
XxNepNepxX: ten
XxNepNepxX: Don't waste your chance plz
harold222: dem laggs
harold222 has lost 4200 life points
harold222: huh
XxNepNepxX: Im waiting to lose
harold222: why didnt those bitches die?
XxNepNepxX: eh?
XxNepNepxX: Read dina
XxNepNepxX: When it's fliped
XxNepNepxX: Not when it's summoned lol
harold222 has left the duel
XxNepNepxX: RQ
XxNepNepxX: x
XxNepNepxX: D
XxNepNepxX: lol


                                  Always  Trying My Best To Make Everybody Laugh Have A Good,Fun,Happy Time Here At UNA And Above All Give Him All The Friendly Love I Can Give , I Love You All I'll Treasure You All In The Bottom Of My Heart And Nobody Else Goes Inside Here Only UNA~ Planeptune's NepNep Signing Out Love You All ^-^
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PostSubject: Re: Turned tables on an a-hole   Mon Dec 23, 2013 10:15 am

LOL, nicely done. Like how you were chill while he was trying to be cool and cheat. Nub xD

I want everyone in the village to acknowledge me and become a great Hokage
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Turned tables on an a-hole

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