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 New Rules Regarding Testing

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PostSubject: New Rules Regarding Testing   Sat Mar 29, 2014 4:51 pm

Hello all. King here with an important announcement on testing.

As we all know, the testing here has been "lenient" with testing. This has led to many issues with other duelists in testing. So, as a result, Nojoj, Mr. Kandy, and I have made new rules pertaining testing and new ways in regards to taking retests.

1. The ruling questionnaire will begin to take effect.

This is one of the most overlooked things in the testing form. I am even guilty of this, as we let those who don't know rulings get free points into a dorm. However, I am in the making of creating a 10 question test that will need a password to get into. You will also have a time limit to perform this test, much like the one in Dueling Network. More details will be given.

2. Dorm Credibility

This is something that I always wanted to implement, and this is the right time to do it. Even though 99% of the time a member is put in a dorm, they are most likely within that range of skill. However, staff makes mistakes. This is where the new Dorm Credibility Form comes into practice.

If another member feels that the person entering a dorm does not fit or seem to meet the requirements for the dorm specifications, they can send in a credibility form for that duelist. However, the tester of the member has the final decision in hand, so it can still be revoked.

- You can only send in a Credibility Form after a week of the test.
- You may only send 1 request per month. This is so that people won't get too overboard with new members of the Dorm.
- If there are multiple forms of credibility forms for one person, and the form has been declined already for that one member, they will still still receive no retest.

*Rules will be updated.

Here is the link to the Credibility Form: http://unitednation.forumegypt.net/t186-dorm-credibility-form

3. The Ability for Obelisk and Horakhty to test has been revoked.

Now this, should have died out a long time ago. Obelisk and Horakhty Duelists, even though highly skilled, should not be able to test. This is why we have "TESTERS". They are qualified to test and are accurate in rulings. However, you can send in a Tester's Application to an Admin or a Tester. They will, like the Credibility Form, will notify you an via PM.

Here is the link to the Tester's Application: http://unitednation.forumegypt.net/t7-testers-application

We thank all members of UNA for cooperation. With the support of everyone, we can make UNA a better place to have fun and duel. If you have any concerns, feel free to PM anyone of staff or start a private conversation. Most staff also have Skype, so don't feel afraid. You can check everyone's Skype here: http://unitednation.forumegypt.net/t164-skype-communication-beta

 ~Squigly & Leviathan
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New Rules Regarding Testing

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