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 Tony's Retest Results

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PostSubject: Tony's Retest Results   Sat Mar 29, 2014 8:55 pm

Banned Deck: Stall or any alternate win conditions, Otk and Meta

Mr.Kandy vs Tony Levi423
War Gods vs Inzektor Fairys
Duel Result: 0/5 (5 points is the testee wins 2-0, 3 if the testee wins 2-1, 0 if the testee loses 1-2, -3 if the testee loses 0-2)

Deck Build: 6/10 (NOT judging originality, but judging how well the cards in the deck and eventual techs work together)
Side Deck: 0/10 Do not try to make 2 decks out of one. Side decks are meant to be there for match ups you are not ready for or decks that ruin your deck like Anti-Meta

Gameplay & Concentration:
Use of cards: 4/5
Siding skills: 0/5
Performance: 8/10

Ruling Test: 8/10 (5 Questions 2 points for every correct one)

Test result: ?/55

Horakhty White: 45-60
Obelisk Blue: 31-49
Ra Yellow: 15-35
Slifer Red Dorm: 0-20

[size=30]Retest result is ra yelow please change dorm. If you do not feel like you should be here please make a credibility and I will look over it. Thank you.[/size]

Note please fix Side deck

"Half of the people say they have it hard just to get attention, the other half actually mean it. The whole problem is with this is we don't know which half is which. You think you know  somebody then the whole things turns out to be a big lie. The person you thought you cared about you doesn't care at all and someone out there, there is a person who you don't even know exist and you mean the world to them. Even when you look at that someone just for a second without even realizing, they treasure that moment forever. You are their world. So if you feel the need to hurt yourself, because you feel like nobody loves you don't do it because you are wrong. You mean the world to someone out there. someone would die for you they love you that much.
People say that each and every one of us has a different purpose. I say all our purposes are the same. i say our purpose is to find that somebody that would do all that for us."
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Tony's Retest Results

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