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 WolfKing0's Test Results

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PostSubject: WolfKing0's Test Results   Fri Apr 04, 2014 6:18 am

Banned Deck: Stall or any alternate win conditions, Otk and Meta

King vs WolfKing0
Ghostly Sweets vs Cyber Dragons
Duel Result: -3/5

Deck Build: 3/10 (60 card deck kills all kind of consistency.)
Side Deck: 3/10 Useless side.

Gameplay & Concentration:
Use of cards: 2/5 Decent gameplay
Siding skills: 0/5 No siding from what I can tell.
Performance: 4/10 Very sluggish in duels.

Ruling Test: 5/10

Test result: 14/55

Horakhty White: 46-55
Obelisk Blue: 31-45
Ra Yellow: 15-30
Slifer Red Dorm: 0-14

Slifer mate. Some things to consider: Try cutting the deck into a 60 Card deck. It will at least add consistency. Also, it makes the deck seems slow. Also, be more attentive in duels. We have a very long duel by waiting.

 ~Squigly & Leviathan
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WolfKing0's Test Results

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