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 Specifics needed for Testing

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PostSubject: Specifics needed for Testing   Thu Apr 25, 2013 2:59 am

Your Overlord here with some recommendations for the way that this all should be done.

Now I've overlooked the whole that you've all done, more specifically the Testing Center and its duties.

What i've run across is that you've spoken a lot about how Testees should not use META decks or it would result in the nullification of the test.
In order to bring an ease-of-access kind of guide to this, I think that a group of us should try to determine which are the META decks, now of course there are the decks that have established themselves as T1 (I'm looking at you Mono-Mermails), there exist some people who still hesitate as to which other decks are considered META. For example, let us take Wind-Ups, although it has established itself as somewhere between T1 and T2, some are leaning more on one side then another.

The second thing that I thing we should make is, quite simply, a list of Testers, now this might sound too simple to be useful, but seriously, think back to the 200+ tournaments you've been in, think about how hard it would have been to find your opponent if the Table Number wouldn't be on the list. Yah. Naturally, the "Board of Directors" will have to select Testers, people with time, kindness, patience, etc. to be listed.

Finally, I have been thinking about how the Testees should be tested. In fact, it has been made into a point that people should not use decks that OTK, decks that are considered lame (i think that too: Chain Burn, Final Countdown, Exodia, Etc.); in other words, we need decks that can make a game long enough to be able to evaluate someone. In consequence, I've been thinking of the posibility of creating "rent decks", decks that would be specifically designed. In doing so, it would evaluate more the duelings skills of a player and less the deck-creation/tech-selection skills (though that has nothing wrong with it, in fact, respect goes to those whoexcel at this).

In essence, these are all suggestions on how to make the Academy a better and more "organized" organization (the original words). In fact, you can count of your very own Overlord to help with anything that needs help.
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Specifics needed for Testing

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