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 Nep's Dorm Room

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Planeptune's NepNep

Zodiac : Sagittarius
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Location : Hyperdimension,Planeptune's Basilicom

PostSubject: Nep's Dorm Room   Fri Dec 13, 2013 3:16 am

Neptune's Dorm Room:The messiest one ever people thought of her as a organized person but oh where they mistaken she was the messiest student in the academy when you entered her room if you could open the door you would get dared to take 10 steps whiout falling it would be imposible considering all the mess ofc she has anime figures all around the room she has a refrigerator with alot of food and an oven as well sure the only one with that but she does make her own rules she also has a SEGA wich is her main console she does have WiiU and stuff but she mostly plays on her SEGA with her other fellow CPU's way back in Hyperdimension by time and time histy (As she calls her real name Histoire) comes to visit here only to get to the room and lecture her ofc Nep pays no attention and just continues to play with her SEGA she also has her card corner with over 9000 cards all messed up and scatered in order to find a deck she would need 2 to 3 hours to find her cards she also has the cupcake section with alot of cupcakes (Duh) also she has cake and pie section as well she is mostly always in her room sleeping playing or eating whoever enters her room gets a hug and a free cupcake/cake/pie of your coice ofc she dosen't make them Compa wayyyyyyyyyy back in Hyperdimension does and she sends them over through the N-Gear and boy can compa cook And that is all for Nep's dorm room

                                  Always  Trying My Best To Make Everybody Laugh Have A Good,Fun,Happy Time Here At UNA And Above All Give Him All The Friendly Love I Can Give , I Love You All I'll Treasure You All In The Bottom Of My Heart And Nobody Else Goes Inside Here Only UNA~ Planeptune's NepNep Signing Out Love You All ^-^
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Zodiac : Aries
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PostSubject: Re: Nep's Dorm Room   Fri Dec 13, 2013 5:02 pm

all that writing is dam son

This song is like me lol
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Nep's Dorm Room

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